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Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate – Home Financing

Many things are taken into consideration when planning to buy a new house. With Rancho Santa Fe real estate, it is important that you prepare yourself financially since such homes are priced for millions of dollars. Rancho Santa Fe is known to be a wealthy community and Rancho Santa Fe homes are characterized as high-priced. For some who cannot readily afford a luxurious house like that of a Rancho Santa Fe home, they tend to seek for aid from mortgage companies. Good thing nowadays is that websites that feature companies specializing in home financing are available already over the Internet. Before deciding to buy a new house, make sure you are able enough to pay for it. Or even able enough to acquire a loan and pay for it. People now are fully aware of what their credit score is and how much is their home value, thanks to websites such as Bills.com.

Bills.com is a website that features consumer money resource and has mortgage tools and calculators that help consumers assess their credit scores. The Bills.com Mortgage Report summarizes user data obtained from its recommendation engine, a feature of the website that is of big help to fully understand the needs of the consumers. A whopping 90% of the consumer “traffic” in the Bills.com Mortgage Help Center during the 2011 third quarter requested for refinance information.

Having released its 2011 Third Quarter Mortgage Report, Bills.com reported a doubled increase in the use of the company’s mortgage tools and calculators as compared to its report during the second quarter of the year. This was attributed to the increased demand for refinance loans of consumers.

Some homeowners of Rancho Santa Fe real estate chose a 15-year fixed-rate loans. Such loans allow them to combine lower interest rates with the stability of a fixed-rate product. They prefer and aim for long term stability and lowest possible interest rate altogether when it comes to mortgage loans. Consumers preferred higher fixed rate to a lower yet variable one.

According to the findings of Bills.com, a mere 39% of total borrowers during the third quarter considered the lowest possible interest rate as the most important factor in choosing a loan as compared to 41% during the second quarter. Borrowers from Rancho Santa Fe real estate considers the lowest possible payment which is the important thing when choosing a loan.

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